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If you think an adult at risk
is suffering abuse or neglect email

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If you think an adult at risk is suffering abuse or neglect!

Tel: 020 8937 4098 / 4099

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Who is responsible for Safeguarding Adults?

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. However The Care Act 2014 placed a particular responsibility on local authorities (councils) to carry out an Enquiry under Section 42 of the Care Act where there was a concern that an adult who meets the above criteria is/may be being abused or neglected.

In Brent there is a dedicated team of staff in a safeguarding team who look into allegations of abuse and neglect. They are on duty Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and process referrals during that time. The team call a referral ‘a concern’.

The team will contact the person at the centre of the concern and may visit them to find out more about what is happening and try to work with them. They will also work in partnership with other agencies.

The safeguarding team may not undertake an enquiry but may do another piece of work aimed at assisting the person, like referring them to a support group.